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Similar Games For sims 4

Instead of settling in Oasis Springs or Willow Creek, why not relocate to Portia? Pathea’s adorable open-world life sim has a lot to offer aficionados of the genre, with a diverse range of jobs to keep you occupied. As a newcomer to town who inherits a workshop from a relative, you may make money by creating various gadgets and gizmos in order to complete commissions. It doesn’t end there, though. There are several methods to make a living, including mining, fishing, farming, crafting, cooking, and so much more. The essential heart of Portia is its vibrant community and the numerous residents with whom you may build friendships and romantic connections.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley… This adorable agricultural sim is like The Sims 3 if you were a farmer in the pixelated countryside. It’s another time-sucker with a lot of heart. You may develop your farm, design your house, and immerse yourself in Stardew Valley’s endlessly entertaining community at your leisure. You may build relationships with every inhabitant in each Valley household, just like the Sims, and each resident has their own story and backstory. This fascinating RPG is so lot more than meets the eye. Fishing, mining, cooking, farming, and raising farm animals are just a few of the activities available.

Two point Hospital

Similar Games For sims 4

Being a doctor is perhaps one of the most interesting careers in the Sims 4 Careers update since you get to handle your sim and treat patients. If running a little virtual hospital ticks all the boxes for you, Two Point Hospital will satisfy your craving. The immensely entertaining management sim lets you construct your hospital from beginning to end, and the mechanics aren’t too dissimilar from those found in The Sims. You’ll also be responsible for supervising your team, enhancing the

Cities Skyline

Who doesn’t want to make decisions about Sims’ lives? Having complete control is what makes it so much fun, whether you want to assist them achieve their goals or bring their untimely end by trapping them in a pool or putting a stove on fire. If you enjoy immersing yourself in the Sims universe for this reason, Paradox’s Cities: Skylines will satisfy your urge to be a virtual deity even more. Instead of just running a family, you’re in charge of a whole city, with a variety of tools at your disposal to help it prosper or wreak havoc. If you enjoy constructing and creating, you’ll be pleased to learn that you may design and construct your own city.